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Jonathan is a talented and thoughtful musical composer and producer. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He makes a fine addition to any visual media project.

Jonathan is a rare individual who puts passion into everything he does. As a singer, it is sometimes hard to show my true voice in front of others but I never felt safer expressing myself in the recording booth with Jonathan.

Jonathan is a uniquely skilled composer, with the ability to create effective, emotional music for a wide variety of different media environments. Jonathan possesses the skills and training to be able to execute effective music and sound design that brings the images to life, no matter what type of screen it is on.

Mr. Galland is considered one of the top young talents in music, and in multimedia. In my humble opinion, his achievements and displayed talent, have surpassed most working media composers in Hollywood. He is a one of a kind musical professional who has proven himself to the film and media industry.